Birdie & CarePlanner

An integrated digital solution to manage your care effectively


Why Birdie?

Birdie is a dynamic digital platform that uses data and technology to transform your care and make your agency smarter. Birdie combines an app to record daily log notes, with connected sensors around the home. Data is analysed to monitor the wellbeing of service users, and flag issues before they worsen.

How does it help care providers?

Birdie and CarePlanner communicate and share information seamlessly. Say goodbye to the days of wasting time duplicating information between tools. You now have all your care staff and client's information automatically updating in both systems.

How does it help your care staff?

Birdie and Care Planner work hand in hand to let your care staff report their visit seamlessly all in one go.

They check-in and out of their visit, view the tasks to be done, complete the digital Mar Chart (E-Mar) and fill-in a wellbeing report in one easy flow.

See how it works by watching our training video.

How does it help your clients?

Older adult receiving care and their families can keep track of who is visiting, what tasks they’ve done and view update on how they are doing via the Birdie family app.

For more information on what Birdie can provide to older adults and their families, visit this page.

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